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Hey Kids...
Welcome to the Trent Mountain Bike Club's (TMBC) home page. The club is made up of students from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, as well as any one else who wants to come along for the ride.
Group Rides Have Begun
Club rides have started for the fall. For the moment were meeting at Ride On (accross the street from the bus terminal) and heading out around 5:45 on Thursday evenings. These rides will tend to focus on trail riding and are aimed at all skill levels.

Suggestions for other meeting times and places (ex: earlier on a different day and/or at campus) are encouraged. Please e-mail me with any questions or suggestions you might have at...


Club President type guy.
If any one is interested in racing, there is an Ontario university series. Check out the OUMRC link on our links page for race scheduals and info. Please send us an e-mail (info at left) if your interested in attending a race. We might be able to help out with getting there as well as answer any more questions you might have. Thanks!

A work in progress
Our site brand spanking new. Please don't hurt us because we haven't fixed the spiellung missteaks, or the pictures page is wee bit lacking, or the e-mail link doesn't work, and so on, and so on... We hope to get everything up to muster soon but until then...

Please e-mail...we're lonely